2019: Thursday 10th January 

I’m pretty tired so hope today’s blog doesn’t sound to garbled lol. Ryan was awake most of the night, and very loud. There was naked dancing, complaining about not wanting to sleep, asking why it was dark, and knocking on doors trying to disturb his brothers. By morning Stefan and I were pretty grumpy. Stefan went to work and I made Ryan breakfast. He asked to go for a drive and I said “after breakfast you and I are having a nap!”
We were back in bed asleep by 7.40am until 10.30am.

Ryan asked me to read him ‘The Very Cranky Bear’ and to watch it on YouTube. He also wanted me to read ‘Safely Ever After’. 

When David woke we went for a drive to find a geocache.  Today’s adventure lead us to the river and train tracks!  The clue mentioned the three billy goats gruff and sure enough, Ryan found a bridge to stomp over and check under for trolls. We didn’t find the cache but will bring Stefan back another day, as he is good at finding ones hidden well. It was quite windy on the walk – see top right pic where his hair is standing straight up lol!

We drove some more and found a train! We are lucky there are lots of train tracks in Wanganui 🙂

Our next attempt to find a geocache was further long the river and David found this one 🙂

Off home we went to wash some blankets, have a shower (Ryan didn’t want a bath today) and cook dinner. Ryan sat and played Where’s my water? and talked to me while I cooked. He asked what each thing was and what I was doing. He asked for nuggets but I decided to dish him up Honey Soy Chicken and rice when I dished up for the boys. He ate 6 big mouthfuls, while playing “in the tunnel” with flying trains from Thomas the Tank Engine – hey, if it helps him eat I’m willing to do it!. Havoc came and sat by him, hoping for some dropped chicken 🙂

No idea why last night was a no sleep night but hopefully tonight is much better! 


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