2019: Wednesday 9th January 

Wahoo! Ryan slept in until 8am! Only downside was he was quite upset when he couldn’t find Stefan because he had already left for work. 

Ryan climbed on the foam rocker and was balancing on it, while watching cars out the window this morning. The Watsit got a workout too as Ryan spun in it, balanced it on his head, and held my hand then let go to balance on top of it! 

Most days, when I need a shower, I ask whoever is up and around to “keep an ear on Ryan” if he is calm and happy. Generally right after breakfast he is OK to sit with my touchpad, and all the doors are double-locked, … and I’m super quick. This is huge progress from even a year ago when he needed eyes on him at all times, for his own safety.  

Today he was really calm and he climbed into my bed after breakfast. The teenagers were sound asleep but Toby (the dog) was on Stefan’s side so I asked Toby to “keep an eye on Ryan” and Ryan thought that was really funny lol. Neither of them had moved when I got out of the bathroom 🙂

Julie picked Ryan up for a few hours and Alex and I went into town to do jobs. It was surprisingly busy, and really hot. Ryan brought a cute friend home with him called Tama 🙂

David had a friend visiting. Ryan decided he was hanging out with the boys too so I got to eat some lunch in peace 🙂

Then Ryan and I convinced the teens to leave the Xbox and come out with us. First stop was the park for a swing. Ryan asked David and Cory to “have a turn on the Up Down thingy” and then laughed his head off when they fell off it lol. 

Ryan bounced one side of the up down thingy looped over the pole, then ran at me asking for a hug, as David unhooked it. (bottom left hand in 5th photo). Next it was off to find our daily Geocache (9 days in a row so far!) Ryan wanted to get out of the car this time and David quickly found the cache. Last stop, Ryan wanted to take Cory for a frozen coke. I think Cory has a fan lol… and Cory gave permission to use his photos in the blog 🙂 

Home for bath and shower time before dinner. Today we only had an Xbox controller, Ryan’s glasses and a book go out windows, in 3 separate incidents. Lots of laughs from kids and happiness today, which makes me feel good 🙂


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