2019: Tuesday 8th January 

Ryan was quite calm this morning, which was a nice change from yesterday! We did some reading. David’s little friend he looks after came to play and the boys had fun with the music drum floor mat, playing Birthday Blowout (the new game we got out yesterday) and playing with the Watsit (blue plastic drum/tub/thing) – they both had turns spinning in it, and putting it on David’s head so he would pretend sneeze it off to make them both laugh. 

Ryan came down with a sore head, which he hasn’t complained of in a few days, so spent some quiet time riding his go-kart in his room with the curtains shut – he insisted they stayed shut. A little while later I managed to convince him to get some fresh air and he perked up again. 

More fun on the Watsit and then I gave the boys the large sheet of bubble wrap it was delivered in. They jumped and popped it. David’s friend was picked up and Ryan asked to go for a drive. We had a play at the park and grabbed a geocache that was a “park and grab”. Ryan asked me to wash the car windscreen while David and Alex found and signed the cache. 

I left a large piece of paper and crayons on the kitchen table and interestingly all the boys have had a doodle at different times today.  

Ryan played ‘Where’s my water?’ on my touchpad, which he hasn’t played for a while, and found it very funny when he got the water to shower the crocodile. 

Ryan got very silly before bed, throwing things out windows and stripping his bed. Quite frustrating behaviour after such a good day. But overall a better day than yesterday. 


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