2019: Sunday 6th January 

I had to remind Ryan that feet don’t go on the table, and after he moved them he ate 8 slices of wheatmeal toast, and Stefan had made him 2 slices before he left for work! 

All fueled up and ready to go Ryan asked for the 6 balloon to be tied to his go-kart.

We spent the morning catching up laundry, dishes, folding washing and vacuuming. Ryan helped with most of it 🙂

We headed to the park in the afternoon and Ryan had lots of laughs and fun with David and Alex, especially on what he calls the “up-down thingie”.

Next was a drive for a Geocache. Ryan didn’t want to get out of the car so we watched the boys race off and they returned with a fake pinecone that had the log sheet in it!  Ryan was very impressed and told Stefan about the “geocache pinecone” at dinnertime. 

At home Ryan helped whip cream for eclairs and then wanted his usual bath then shower. 

His independence with getting undressed and dressed has improved hugely. He can undress in seconds and, with prompting to remind him what he is doing, he can pretty much dress himself. Most items go on backwards but this time last year he needed hands on assistance with every step.

He asked to play “Trapped Penguin” and asked David to play too. It was good practise taking turns but Ryan struggled with only tapping one brick at a time, and stopping once his turn was over. After a few games they did get a game where they both got about 4 turns before Ryan smashed the rest apart, which David was pleased about. 

Ryan wanted to do colouring and chose a picture of Donald Duck on a roller coaster. 

Stefan was home at dinner time and it wasn’t long before Ryan decided it was bedtime. One thing we had been dealing with all day was Ryan posting things out windows. Everytime we went outside we would find more things, and if we left anything lying around (like the TV remote) it disappeared out a window as soon as we weren’t looking. It’s impossible to keep him in sight at all times but he also knew it was not something he was supposed to do,  because he said sorry as we walked into the room. He didn’t get anything back that he threw out so now I have a pile in my room of books, cars, glasses, pens, hats, and painted rocks. Hopefully he has got this out of his system now! 


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