2019: Friday 4th January 

Ryan slept in until 7am (yay!) and after breakfast Stefan took him for a walk around the lake. They got home with enough time for Ryan to put a load of washing on before Julie came to pick him up. 

We had plans with the older boys for David’s 16th birthday and knew it was something Ryan may not have coped with, so decided it was best for him to spend time with Julie. In the afternoon I got the most awesome message:

“This kid never ceases to amaze me!! Today he ate a picnic lunch at kowhai park with all the family…he ate all 9 nuggets and then played in the water park for about an hour. Incident free! No meltdown, listened to all instructions, greeted everyone and had a ball.”

Kowhai Park is somewhere we generally avoid during school holidays as it’s a very busy place. It was really neat to hear Ryan had a great time and was very social, as sometimes the water can be very distracting and he can only focus on that. 

When he got home he asked for a walk at Gordon’s bush so we did that, and drove a bit further out to Okoia for our Geocache-a-day January challenge. Ryan helped look and David quickly found it 🙂

At home Ryan found David’s birthday balloons and was very excited about the 6. The older boys deflated the 1 and made Ryan laugh by inhaling the helium and talking funny lol. Ryan carried the 6 around the rest of the day saying “it’s just like a kite”. They played cake splat again and Ryan got another face of cream. He thought it was hilarious when Alex got splatted! 

The 6 kite came to dinner and Havoc climbed up to give Ryan a smooch. Havoc has decided he really likes Ryan at the moment and we often find them together… although I do wonder if it’s because Havoc loves chicken nuggets and often gets one when he is around Ryan 🙂

A very tired boy at bedtime, and another brilliant day 🙂 


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