2019: Thursday 3rd December

Julie was back from holiday and Ryan was super excited to see her, screaming hello and jumping up and down flicking his hands before running to open the door. 

She had family from Auckland staying so Ryan got to spend time with Julie’s sister Vicky, and Vicky’s granddaughter Jayde. 

They went to the lake to feed the ducks and watch the fountain 🙂

At bedtime Stefan said “What is Julies sisters name?” Ryan answered “Uncle father”. Stefan “and what was the little girls name?” Ryans answer “sister”. Lol oh dear, will need to work on photos and names again.

Ryan got home at lunchtime and immediately asked to go out in the car. We popped out to Gordon’s Bush and the car park was full! Busiest we have ever seen it! Ryan sat in the pushchair and walked a bit, hid some rocks and found a couple.  He said a loud “hello” to everyone we passed 🙂

Mid afternoon we headed out of town to Marton, approx 25 minutes away. We found a park with nice wide concrete paths and Ryan pedalled his go-kart up and down hills. So much fun and a lovely place to walk with beautiful gardens. His steering still needs some work, as Stefan’s foot found out :/ Lots of laughs and fresh air 🙂

We went into the main street and Ryan found a cool wooden seat he wanted to sit on. And then we were off to a friends house, which was our main reason for our trip. She lives out in the country, with very bumpy gravel roads and the Google Maps lady giving directions that Ryan said “what did she say? ” everytime we got a direction. Once there, to Ryans delight, he found her washing machine, and she kindly let him help put a load of washing on. 

The reason for our visit was to pick up a super special Harry Potter themed birthday cake for David’s 16th birthday tomorrow. Cakes by Kirsten is her facebook page and the photos don’t do it justice. This is a beautiful work of art and we can’t wait to surprise David with it tomorrow (he’s on a self-imposed social media ban until after he sees his cake lol).

I carefully held the cake all the way home,  with Ryan yelling a million questions behind me, Alex with headphones on ignoring all, and Stefan driving while trying to ignore Ryan’s requests for his favourite songs, to wind the windows up,  to wind the windows down, to use the wipers “because the windscreen is TOO dusty Dad!!!” but we made it lol. 

Time for Ryan to relax with a shower, then a bubble bath,… then another shower, before dinner. 

We ended the day by racing out for a drive to find our Geocache-a-day January challenge. It was called “Cats are everywhere” and took us to the Mars Pet food factory. A quick find and off home for bed. Past Ryan’s bedtime but he was still saying “I want to find another geocache” lol. 

Ryan was tucked into bed by 8.30pm when he heard the teenagers playing Pie Face. He got up and asked for a turn (never played it before) and laughed and laughed when he got splatted with whipped cream! Crazy kid lol! What a day! 


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