2019: Wednesday 2nd January 

We had another night with very little sleep. Ryan was up for the day about 3.30am. Mr Penguin has been his friend and came to breakfast. Thankfully he went back to bed around 8.30am and slept for a couple of hours. 

We read a book called “Smile” said Dad. I didn’t realise how old the book was until the last page where Dad runs out of film for his camera! I’m not sure if Ryan understood when I tried to explain cameras used to have something called film in them. He has only seen cameras on phones. 

Alex put Ryan’s main Christmas present together. It is a pedal Go-Kart. Ryan struggled to learn to ride a bike because he had to pedal, steer and balance (even with training wheels). When I saw this I thought it would help him build the leg strength to pedal, without needing to balance. He has awesome upper body strength but always had weaker legs. It took a bit of working out but he figured out how to make it move and loved it! 

Ryan wanted to go for a drive so we headed out to do our Geocache-a-day January challenge. In a tree, in a small reserve, up a windy street in Aramoho was where we found a camo geocache! Even Ryan helped look today 🙂 

Back at home David took Ryan’s go-kart outside where we normally park our cars, and Ryan rode around and around for ages! I stood by the gate to make sure he didn’t head out to the road, and David helped teach him to steer and push when he got stuck. 

Jasper watched from the window and eventually Ryan agreed to park it by the door and come inside. I bet his legs are sore tonight! 

Shower, dinner, stories and bed filled in the rest of the day for our busy young man 🙂


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