Hydroslide day!!!

Between swimming on Thursday afternoon and this morning Ryan must have asked approx 1000x if David can take him on the hydroslide. It wasn’t going on Thursday (which I knew and was pleased because I don’t do hydroslides lol) and Ryan loves it. So shortly after 10am this morning I dropped Stefan, David and Ryan to the Splash Centre. Alex and I spent some quality time together shopping and picked the others up at lunchtime. Ryan was happy but exhausted. Not surprising considering he was up and down most of the night and then a morning in a noisy environment. 

We had a quiet afternoon – and a complete house search for Percy the train who had disappeared! Ryan wanted to go out again so we did the recycling – Ryan helped this time but then took off and a kind lady stopped him before he ran in front of a car! Then a walk at Gordon’s Bush and Ryan pulled the trolley all the way around.

More loads of washing and Ryan helped rotate between the washer, dryer and baskets – while watching Toy Story… again! I’m starting to miss Moana, Nemo and Dory. They had become usual background noise and now its Woody and Buzz fighting and bickering! Sigh!

Lots of stories before bedtime and Ryan borrowed my spotty cuddly blanket so hopefully he’s tired enough to sleep more than 2 hours in a row tonight! 


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