Finally Friday…

I woke at “dark o’clock” (our name for anytime during hours of darkness that people should be sleeping) to a small child next to me in bed asking “hold my hand please mummy” and a husband who had decided he would get more sleep on the couch (smart thinking!)

When the sun came out we ventured out to get our Friday morning coffee and then I was dropped off at 303 Parent Support Centre. I have been involved at 303 since it opened, approx 10 years ago, attending mornings of craft, coffee, learning, and meeting other parents. I have made some amazing friends there and had great support at hard times too. I try to pop in some Friday mornings to have some adult conversation and be “me” not “Mum” for a little while.

Stefan and Ryan took the red trolley to Gordon’s Bush and Virginia Lake for a walk. Ryan had turns riding in and pulling the trolley. They hid painted rocks, found some and put money in the box to make the fountain go, before coming to pick me up again.

After lunch we made felt penguins (our Winter theme activity) and Ryan had fun putting his together. They didn’t look exactly like the Pinterest pattern but not too bad! And in true Ryan style he had to taste the glue lol!

Sensory play was Gloop (cornflour and water). Ryan spent a while mixing, then pouring the mix between the bottle and the jug, needing help to steady his hand so it didn’t slosh everywhere. He liked watching it drip through the funnel as it was quite thick.

I asked Ryan if he wanted his tunnel out and he said yes. I got it out of the cupboard and when I took it to the lounge I found Ryan trying to put his train tracks together and he had a little grey train tunnel. He thought that was what I meant! So we put new batteries in Percy and Thomas and he got to play in the tunnel and watch his trains do loops… and wear the monkey hat  (still backwards) that has been a favourite for a couple of days now.

And our exciting news for the week… Ryan has done #2’s on the toilet 3x this week (and only once in his nappy!). This is so great because he is learning when he feels he needs to go rather than the usual “I should have done that in the toilet not in my pants” which is how he tells us he needs changing. We have given lots of praise and he keeps saying “I’m so proud of me. I did poos in the toilet… not in my pants.” Hopefully this could be a turning point after 6 years of toilet training! 


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