Tired this Thursday… yawn!

Ryan was awake and manic hyper bouncing off the walls at 4am again. I spent 2 hours in his room, answering his never-ending stream of questions that repeated like a stuck record. It was a mission to keep him quiet and stop him escaping to wake everyone else up – which he said he wanted to do! At 6.15 I was about to lose the plot so I swapped with Stefan and got in a half hour snooze. 
Ryan was in fast forward for another few hours and overly affectionate, giving me kisses and saying he loved me over and over… I’m wondering if he realised he had pushed me to my limit. And everytime I feel annoyed with him in my personal bubble I immediately feel guilty as I know many mums, who have kids with autism or are non-verbal, who would give anything to hear that from their child – and I totally understand that! 

One of the goals on our behaviour management plan is to teach ‘personal space’ as Ryan is often ‘in your face’ and touches everyone (hair, faces, bellies…) and while this was kinda cute when he was little and people didn’t mind so much, it’s now not so cute and definitely not ‘socially acceptable’ to touch strangers! 

Ryan did “up and over” handwriting practise worksheet and then we made up a foam alphabet puzzle and sung the alphabet. We talked about the letters and their sounds as Ryan packed it away. And yes, another morning wearing the silly monkey hat… backwards!

Then I had coffee and a well overdue catch up with a friend at our house. I told Ryan who was coming and showed him her picture – from her Facebook page (hope she doesn’t mind) as he hasnt seen her in a while. He was very happy when she arrived and also gave quite a few kisses and hugs! Luckily she didnt mind… and we managed to chat a bit between questions from the energizer bunny and watching the washing machine and dryer working. We sure know how to entertain guests at our house lol. 

Ryan wanted to go swimming and changed into his swim top he found drying in the laundry. I haven’t taken him swimming single-handed in quite a while and was a little nervous about how it would go. Thankfully it was very quiet and we had a fun swim in the lazy river. Ryan got out once to check the hydroslide up close. They didn’t have the usual covers over the slides, which confused him, so he needed to see if they really were turned off… he wasn’t taking my word for it! He had a giggling fit when a lady, in an adjacent pool, was doing aquafloat (exercises while standing on an inflatable mat) and she fell off while trying to balance. I’m hoping she didnt hear his squeals of delight and amusement at her “bellyflop” (his words) but the lifeguard near us did and I could see her watching me try to distract him and change his focus without success lol. After 45 minutes swimming he started to get a little silly, spitting at me and splashing me in the face, so I told him “one more around the lazy river then out and dressed” I repeated that a couple of times until he looked at me and said “yes”. I repeated it once more and we did another round. As we moved towards the ladder I said “climb up and stop. Wait for me.” He replied “wait for you” and did!!! Super proud of Ryan using his “listening ears” and lots of praise, thumbs up and a high five was given!

For the rest of the afternoon we fed Clover, the rabbit, some carrots and played fetch with Toby outside, did housework (which Ryan helped with) and I had a few more coffees as my early starts were catching up with me! I’m hoping with more physical activity today he may sleep longer tonight…fingers crossed! 


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