Wednesday take two!

I must be tired … I called yesterdays blog Whirlwind Wednesday… and it was only Tuesday!

Ryan woke at 4am and was very demanding… “needing” breakfast, his touchpad, his slippers, and everytime I thought he was settled he came back wanting something else… I just think I wanted me up with him rather than trying to sneak a bit more sleep. 

Once we were all up Ryan decided to wear his monkey hat (that has sat in his toy box for years and only been worn once for 2 seconds). 3 hours later and he was still wearing it, and it was backwards most of the time lol.

Ryan did some bead threading on skewers then Reading Eggs on the touchpad. He traced his name over the pipecleaners.

His support worker came to take him swimming and they sat and drew pictures on the whiteboard and posted blocks before heading out. But once out he changed his mind, saying he didnt want to go, and they went through the carwash and for a play at McDonald’s instead. We can’t figure out why he has changed his mind the last 2x a swim has been offered. 

He practised his name writing and did a scissor skills worksheet, cutting the lines between fisherman and fish, but his hands are very very shaky today and he got angry with them. I’m feeling so helpless with the shaking/tremor in his hands/arms. It seems to be getting worse each day. Hopefully if it’s connected to his meds (his latest MRI was ok so that ruled out big nasties) then it will improve as we wean off them over the next few months.

We made volcanos with some playdough that had dried out. Ryan loves doing this and gets very excited when it foams. Today he was trying to blow the foam!

Maths activities were parking cars in the matching numbered carpark. This was our first time trying this and Ryan did it no trouble at all! He put Dr Suess flashcards in the correct order from 1-5 after I mixed them up. 

He wanted to do water play, melting a frozen block of plastic toys with warm water, but again shaky hands caused a huge mess and he had a meltdown caused by his frustration.

We cuddled and watched an episode of The Magic School Bus on Netflix all about weather and then some Beat Bugs. 

I got Ryan’s peanut shaped Swiss ball out (thanks Kmart!) and he bounced on it, rolled it around, and rolled it back and forward with me.

I downloaded a new learning app on my phone called Starfall (free on Google Play Store) and Ryan discovered a different version of one of his favourite stories “The gingerbread boy” It highlights the words as it reads and was a good pace to keep him interested.

A nice big bubble bath and he watched Toy Story… again… while I cooked dinner. He read his own bedtime stories at bedtime. He has memorised “The Great Big Block of Chocolate” and two Thomas the Tank Engine books “The Close Shave” and “Henry and the Elephant”. He has an amazing memory! 


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