Whirlwind Wednesday

The day started with a meltdown because Ryan didn’t want Stefan to go to work. Then a meltdown over taking Alex to school. Then a meltdown over not wanting to get out of the car once home again. By this time we were both worn out, my ears ringing from the screaming and tense from avoiding the hits, kicks and pinching. 

I decided it wasn’t safe to take him to his Riding for the Disabled session so text to let them know he wasn’t coming. 

We cuddled down to watch some Beat Bugs (a cool show on Netflix with music by The Beatles) and after about 30 minutes of tight hugs and massage he calmed down. 

Ryan did some Reading Eggs on the touchpad and we read some stories.

Then he asked for warm water and jars so I set up a coloured water tray. He was surprised when he filled the jars and the water turned yellow and blue (I had sneakily added food colouring to the jars before he tipped water in). Then he mixed the water and it went green! After a little while I added buttons and that gave a new aspect to his play, watching them catch in the funnels.

Letter formation practise was done with a tray of salt and a paintbrush… and of course he got his fingers in it, licked them… and said “mmmmm…..” lol. Strange child! Wiping and drying the table afterwards was his heavy work activity.

Next he unloaded the finished washing, loaded the dryer and refilled the washer with more clothes… all by himself! While he did that I set up an animal tray with pearl barley. He was very interested in making all the animals “eat seeds” or the tree. Then he told me it was windy and blew as many animals over and barley around as he could! Afterwards he wrote his name over the faint name I had written in pencil.

Fine motor skills was threading beads on skewers (stuck in playdough). Even though his hands were not behaving (very jerky arms today) he persevered and put over 10 beads on each skewer!

Ryan has been using this green timer a lot today to calm himself down. He did 2 pages in his maths workbook and we moved the beads to a heavier tray because the plastic one kept tipping over when his arms bumped the sides. The flat heavy glass one worked much better.

We read a new book that arrived yesterday from Scholastic. Jungle Bells with a CD sung by Anika Moa! Ryan recognized her picture and said “it’s the chop chop lady” (from her show we went to in the holidays). I was impressed by his memory and making the connection!

A friend dropped in some old keys (for a future craft project) and Ryan took her hand and brought her down to the laundry “Look at my machine. Why is it rumbling?” and they had a conversation about the cycles, the drain pipe, and the rumbling noise! 

Storytime in the car (our Winter theme book The Magic School Bus Lost in the Snow), waiting for Alex after school, and Ryan had a million questions about each button on the dash.

Ryan, Flash and Toby played a game of chase, after Ryan let Toby out the kitchen gate. I was sure it would end in tears but after a while they each went there separate ways.

I put Toy Story on his touchpad, while I cooked dinner, expecting him to complain it wasn’t right (he’s obsessed with movie highlight reels on Youtube – Cars 3, Boss Baby and Moana each have a 20 minute one) but he sat and watched it and then ate all his dinner! Win for me! 

And…  I have heard from 2 families, who follow this blog and I’ve never met in real life, who have been accepted for an “IHC Take a Break” after reading about our break and then applying themselves! So happy for them! If you haven’t heard about it then check out IHCs Facebook page for more information. 



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