5 months into our homeschooling journey…

We have been on this homeschooling journey 5 months now. Some days it feels all new and others like we have been homeschooling forever. Last night, armed with the new information from the OT last week on Ryans sensory needs, and looking over the learning records (this blog printed out in a big folder) I reviewed and revised our goals and looked at what works and what doesn’t for Ryan. 

I came up with a more structured daily timetable, rather than a list of activities for the week. We were doing them as they fitted the day and Ryan’s moods/requests. Now we have also slotted in more heavy work/proprioceptive activities which the OT suggested. I typed up and laminated a list of these for easy reference and stuck it to the kitchen door.

And because Ryan loves to throw in curve balls he woke very pale and tearful so the new schedule went out the window on the first day. I followed his lead on when he wanted to do stuff and when he just sat and needed hugs (which was often). But thats ok. I can cope… says she who loves lists, routine and same same lol.

In the morning we did vacuuming (heavy work), Ryan did a “draw the line” worksheet and wrote his name – all unassisted! We read a new book from our Winter theme – The Ski Lesson. We practised reading words from his early reader “Getting dressed”.

We listened to the “Do your ears hang low?” CD and read the book. Then Ryan had a turn with the Tone Bells we borrowed from the Toy Library. He really enjoyed that! There was lots of movement and jumping up and down!

A couple of new jigsaws from the Toy Library – a grey cat (Ryan put in the head and ball pieces then needed help to figure the rest out) and a magic kingdom puzzle with peg pieces – he did this one without any help! Doing puzzles is something we have seen a lot of progress in over the last 5 months. 

Next thing I know he’s taking off his socks and cuddling down with his favourite blanket and crying. So hard when I don’t know what’s wrong and he can’t or won’t tell me what’s wrong.

We watched Thomas the Tank Engine for a while then did some Reading Eggs on the touchpad. Ryan has done 20 lessons over the 5 months (each has a number of parts to it). The past few times recently I have noticed him getting stuck and going to play the songs rather than actual learning activities. Today I opened random levels for him, that he has done before, and he struggled with those too. Because he doesn’t mind repeating things I have reset the settings so he needs to redo the programme from the beginning, it locks each activity until the one before is completed, which stops him jumping ahead to the easy favourite ones. I struggled with this decision, feeling like it wiped all his progress but then realised it won’t do any harm and if it’s easy he will fly through it but if it’s hard he will build on the bits he has already learnt, rather than getting frustrated with not being able to do it at all, like he is at the moment. 

Ryan helped with the washing, carrying full baskets from one end of the house to the other (more heavy work!)

Ryan was brighter in the afternoon so we made straw rockets. Ryan wrote his name on his and had great fun “blasting” his rocket at me!

The sunshine was calling so we went outside and Ryan wanted Stefans ladder from the shed but settled for talking to Clover (the rabbit), playing fetch with Toby and hanging upside down.

Our Winter theme activity was making rain in a jar. Ryan was mesmerized by the blue streaks as it came through the shaving foam… and then we had to give it a shake/swirl…. just because.

A bit of coloured water play before early bath-time (again he was miserable and it relaxed him), some stories, and a page in a maths workbook “following the numbers”.

Ryan played on YouTube watching his favourite videos… over and over … for the rest of the afternoon. He’s been strangely quiet and had low energy most of the day. Very very odd for him. 


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