Slow Sunday

With Stefan at work and teenagers in bed till lunchtime, Ryan watched Youtube nursery rhymes and chatted to me while I planned the weeks homeschool activities, wrote a meal plan for the week and caught up washing that had mounted up. 

Ryan did sensory water play – whisking rolled oats and warm water and tipping from bowl to jar and back again. Then he just sat and swirled his hands in it for a while looking quite zoned out.

After lunch we dropped David to a friend’s and on the way home called in at the local pet store, Animates. We haven’t been for a while, as Ryan had been getting too excited running around and putting his hands in fishtanks. He had also been having wicked meltdowns when it was time to leave. I thought we would try again so we talked about eyes only, keeping our hands to ourselves and staying by Mum. All good. We had a lovely time and he behaved quite well but he was a bit disappointed there were only fish and turtles. Last time we visited they had rabbits, birds and kittens as well! We talked about “almost time to go.” Agreed one last look at each tank. Then he started throwing himself on the floor and yelling, jumping up and down all the way to the car. He refused to put his seatbelt on and I had to get out and put it back on him twice before we could finally drive home. We have a special 5 point harness, supplied by the hospital that he can’t get out of, but he gets very distressed when we use it so I’d rather not … but it’s an option if this undoing his seatbelt continues.

The Occupational Therapist who visited last week gave me a few new “transition” strategies to try, that hopefully will help him with when we leave places, as this seems to be a huge issue for him. 

He’s been not wanting to eat today and acting quite tired so that has been a bit worrying. He ate all his dinner so hopefully a good sleep is all he needs!


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