Sunny Saturday

Ryan spent a while walking around in Stefans sneakers this morning lol. Thought he was hilarious!

Late morning we did the recycling – Ryan opted to stay in the car and listen to music. He was a bit annoyed that he had to sit in the centre row of seats because the recycling baskets were in the back. As soon as the baskets were out he jumped up and moved his booster seat to the back row. We went and brought water from Crystal Valley and Ryan had a nice chat to the lovely people there before we dropped into the Toy Library. He asked them “why is the rolling door open?” which is a question he asks everytime we go. His favourite toy (a wooden washing machine) wasn’t there but he was ok and after I swapped puzzles and grabbed some musical toys he happily came to the car.

Making the most of the sunshine we tidied up the yard (Ryan carrying tyres and movibg his water table – great heavy work) and moved the trampoline to a spot that gets more hours of sunshine. Hopefully this will encourage Ryan outside a bit more on warm days. 

A quiet afternoon of movies and cuddles rounded off the day nicely.


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