And it’s Friday again…

All up and out the door by 8.30am as Ryan had a doctor’s appointment. He wasn’t overly keen to go so we bribed him by saying after the doctors we would go and get a coffee from Paul (The Village Snob) … and he was out the door like a shot! 

After our caffeine fix Stefan and Ryan went to Gordons Bush and Virginia Lake for a walk. He got to put money in the fountain 2x and had a great morning. 

We spent the afternoon at home listening to music while we drew, read books, posted blocks, and played with play dough.

Ryan had fun throwing the giant dice and counting the dots when it landed. He took the dice with him to peer through the hole in the laundry door (that was locked after a washing machine induced meltdown).

He did a couple of jigsaw puzzles and then “washed” his socks in “the washing machine Jo got for me”.

Late afternoon we needed a few bits from the supermarket and made the error of thinking we could quickly duck in, with Ryan, on a Friday afternoon near dinner time. The packed carpark should have given us a warning, but no, in we went. After about bout 4 aisles (yes, we made it that far) Ryan was dragging himself on the floor, yelling, pushing us … and thankfully most people smiled with the “knowing pity smile”. Stefan took him back to the car while I raced to get the last few items. Back home and grumpy boy in the bath so I ended up eating my dinner (hot chicken bread rolls.. thanks Countdown!) sitting on the hallway floor supervising bath-time… but not very well, if you can see the massive puddle from Ryan pouring water out of the bath, because he knows he’s not allowed and he was still angry/grumpy.


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