Sensory assessment is back!

I set up a playdoh, shells and sea animal bowl for Ryan to play with. Posting blocks is a current favourite activity. He did a handwriting worksheet practising ‘up and over’ and then whistled along to some music while we did writing, shapes, counting and smiley faces on the whiteboard.

Mid morning Ryan went out with his support worker and they went to Virginia Lake to watch the fountain, the Winter Gardens, the Bird avaries and playground. She said Ryan was really good and happy. A successful outing and I got a big hug and a kiss when they got home.

While they were out I met with the Behavioural Specialist and Occupational Therapist who did Ryan’s most recent sensory assessment. They have given me a big folder of strategies and activity ideas to met Ryan’s specific sensory needs, which in turn should help reduce some “problematic behaviours” (quoting the professionals lol), and help him learn to self-regulate his emotions. They acknowledged that we are already doing a lot of what he needs and they mainly had some ideas to “tweak and add to” what we are doing, so that was reassuring! They also agreed that homeschooling is ideal for Ryans needs, as he has a high level of intense sensory input needed daily that a school would have difficulty finding the time and/or resources to meet… again, very reassuring that we are on the right path… although also a bit daunting at the faith they have that I am up to the job! Basically lots more info for me to process and work through and decide what to try first before I feedback to them how we are doing in a few months.

After lunch Ryan had a walk on the treadmill, played some more with the play dough and sea shells, and punched holes in scraps of laminated card so he had to push hard and concentrate.

Ryan was in fits of giggles helping our lovely cleaning lady with the vacuuming this afternoon. I love hearing him laugh and being so relaxed. And then I set up a sensory tray with water, rolled oats, bowls and some mixing utensils. Ryan requested a straw to blow bubbles in the mix and it was bath time not long after that… he may have got a bit wet and messy lol.

‘Do your ears hang low?’ and the Topp Twins singing it on CD was played a dozen or more times… and he did more drawing on the whiteboard but then had a short meltdown over me swapping his wipe-off cloth for a clean one. 

Ryan was very excited to tell Stefan about his day, after he got home from work, with big stories about his vacuuming adventures and trip to the lake. He is so lucky to have awesome support workers!


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