Magnificant Monday!

Lots of photos today 🙂 Ryan woke grumpy but cheered up quickly after a ride in the car to drop Alex at school. We did lots of reading (at his request!), puzzles, a quick walk on the treadmill (he loves it!) and then Reading Eggs (the letter zZ) and Mathseed (triangles).

Ryan pumped the new peanut shaped Swiss ball up using the hand pump all by himself. It took a while and I asked a few times if his arms were tired yet but he kept going till it was fully inflated!

He rolled it around, bounced on it, lay on it, and then checked each end for the valve, asking to let it down but was ok when I said no.

A quick play outside and a chat to Clover (rabbit) before we did some sensory play. Ryan wanted gloop (cornflour/water) but we made it too runny so he added milk oaties and pretended to make me “porridge”. He poured, whisked, used his hands, more tipping and transferring between the bowl and bottles for almost 30 minutes! He commented, when he was tipping the mixture into the bottle, “it sounds all SLOPPY!” Lol. Then he helped wash and dry everything.

While I was sorting lunch (not porridge!) Ryan played with dinosaurs, leaves, sticks, rocks etc and asked me for a pencil and paper. Then he started tracing around items (his own idea!) and drew some faces! He was very proud of his work and asked for a high five (bottom left photo).

After lunch he went back to play with the new ball.

When I checked the mail Ryan had 3 letters arrive, with his name on them, from the ‘NZ Home School Pen Pals’ Facebook group we joined. He was very excited to see his name on the letters and especially loved the robot stickers an 8yr boy sent him, asking me for paper so he could “stick them”.

After days of challenging behaviour I have been relieved to have a fairly easy day (behaviourwise). We did have a chat this morning about “being happy” today and I made an extra effort to “be happy” myself with lots of smiles, praise and encouragement for “good listening”. It’s easy to get in a rut of growling and being frustrated and I tend to stay home to avoid embarrassing public situations when Ryan’s behaviour is hard to manage. So, as well as Ryan working to keep calm, I need to keep a check on my mood and how I respond to his behaviours. 

The day had been so great that nearing 3pm Ryan tried to tell me it was raining so we would need to pick Alex up. In reality it was beautiful and sunny and Ryan probably wanted a Frozen Coke lol. So we drove and parked at Alex’s school and walked to Burger King so he could order a Frozen Coke and sit on a stool (he loves sitting in store). He held my hand to walk, waited patiently at the lights to cross (he usually pulls at your arm or twists your wrist and tries to cross so you have to hold him back) and happily left when I said we needed to go back to the car. 

Earlier today he randomly told me “being good means not throwing things at you” which is an interesting thing for him to say because I haven’t specifically said that, but I have been upset, angry and physically hurt over the last few days, during a few meltdowns when he has thrown things at me. It’s interesting to see him processing what is acceptable behaviour and what isn’t. Hopefully we have turned a corner to some calmer behaviour for a little while.

He spent the rest of the afternoon walking on the treadmill and having a super big bubble bath. Posting blocks, emptying it and starting over, while watching Paw Patrol.


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