2018: Monday 10th December 

I’ve forgotten to write about the last few days of Cheekys antics! On Saturday he got Nutella all over his face (Stefan was confused when he couldn’t find it at breakfast time lol) and on Sunday he switched the toilet roll with Batman duct tape, which Ryan thought was funny! 

Ryan was not very energetic this morning. After a good breakfast and listening to some cheerful music, while we did the morning housework, he brightened up. 

He helped me make a container of the Christmas biscuits he made yesterday for Julie, and found Cheeky making a mess with the left over sprinkles! 

Julie came and took Ryan out for a few hours. She said they were very busy. Ryan helped scoop leaves out of the pool… but put just as many back in, sigh! And Ryan wrote in Christmas cards for us and his Grandmas 🙂 He returned the toilet game and was told he could have it to keep! A very happy boy!  🙂

The afternoon was more housework,  reading some of Ryan’s favourite stories,  and listening to Christmas songs. 

Dinner was 8 pieces of wheatmeal toast!  After Julie saying he ate it at her house I thought I’d try – for years he would only touch white toast, and success! I forgot to mention he ate a Christmas biscuit yesterday but wouldn’t have icing or sprinkles, just plain… I was just surprised he ate one at all! 

I let him play with the tray of sprinkles while I did dishes, and when he was done he happily played “Wheres my water?” on the touchpad. He is really good at strategy games like this and Angry Birds. 


2018: Sunday 9th December 

Ryan was wandering the house at 3am but then slept until 7.30, missing Stefan leaving for work. He spent most of the day asking when Stefan would be home. 

While we were eating breakfast the kittens decided to go a bit crazy! Havoc and Jasper got on top of the pantry then chased each other across the liquor cabinet, and on to the fridge. Havoc took a flying leap and landed on the bench on the opposite side of the kitchen!!! He was fine but gave us a fright, it was a huge jump! 

Ryan had a bounce on the tramp while I pegged out washing. It was a beautiful sunny breezy day perfect for drying all the towels. 

We read/sung A Kiwi Jingle Bells and Ryan found a new picture in his room. I put a framed diamond painting of a train and Santa on his drawers and Ryan said it was the Polar Express 🙂

The toilet toy has been well used again today. Jasper decided he wasn’t scared of it anymore and had an up close look that made Ryan laugh. 

Ryan and I spent the afternoon visiting family and baking Christmas biscuits. Ryan enjoyed helping mix the dough and washing the dishes … and so did we until he stuck his thumb up the tap and sprayed everyone, then he laughed so hard he could hardly stand up lol. 

2018: Saturday 8th December 

Ryan had ANOTHER very unsettled night and after breakfast slept all morning. He was very interested to look at the painted rocks Stefan has added transfers to and he found Daddy Pig, Peppa Pig and George. 

Today is the Christmas Parade and I got Ryan’s new T-shirt out. It says “tis the season to sparkle” 🙂 The toilet toy that came from Julie’s house has been his constant companion and it even came in the car with us lol. The flushing noise hasn’t driven us crazy… yet.

We always go early to get a shady park before they close the main street. It means Ryan can use the car to watch the parade from where ever he is comfortable (like a little den) and we have noticed lots of other people do this too. 

To fill in time we had some lunch and wandered down to the waterfall. Ryan spent about half an hour watching,  touching, going up the steps to look over it and asking random strangers why the waterfall was going. Most were very nice and stopped to talk to him 🙂 David did a “scoop and distract” once we noticed other kids jumping in the water and we headed back to the car. Ryan played Angry Birds and flushed the toy toilet over and over as we waited for the parade to begin. A friend came to sit with us and Ryan talked her ear off, asking many many questions! 

Here is a collection of floats Ryan liked the best… Thomas the tank engine, the steampunk spinning wheel, Plumber Dans Baby Shark, the limos and the olden day bike. 

Near the end of the parade Ryan needed hugs and distraction so David sat with him and took selfies lol. I have his permission to share these 🙂

And he got the reaction to Ryan seeing Santa and his reindeer!

After a big cold drink at home Stefan took Ryan for a walk around the lake before bath time and dinner. A hot but fun day with a lot for Ryan to talk about! 

2018: Friday 7th December 

Ryan woke around 3.30am and has talked pretty much non-stop all day. Lots and lots of repeating questions. We are sure it’s his need for reassurance (asking questions that have a predictable answer) due to a lot of appointments and routine changes lately. But even knowing why he is doing it still makes it a bit draining. 

Julie picked him up for the morning and we warned her he was very talkative. And she said he didn’t stop for the 3+hrs she had him! They got lots of fresh air and sunshine at Kowhai Park. 

He came home with a toy toilet that makes real flushing noises. He was enthralled with it all afternoon, flushing it over and over and lifting the lid. It saved our toilet being repeatedly flushed – a favourite thing to do at the moment. 

In the afternoon Stefan took him for a walk around Virginia Lake and to watch the fountain. He had a nice long shower,  talking the entire time, and then Stefan took him back out to walk at Gordon’s Bush. 

At home he had a bubble bath and another shower and then Stefan and I took him to see the Wanganui Model Railway Christmas Show. He loves watching model trains but being around the time he is normally in bed was a bit tough. He needed each hand held (no impulse control at night) and he was quick to try and twist his arms to pull away. But he did really love seeing the trains. And the bonus… a ride on train that had a button to toot the horn! We were only there about 15mins but it was plenty for him. It’s on again tomorrow from 4-8pm and a gold coin at the door, for anyone interested (70a Alma Road). 

2018: Thursday 6th December

After an unsettled night Ryan went back to bed after breakfast and woke again around 11am. He wasn’t looking too flash but perked up when he realised we hadn’t done any washing yet today. 

Cheeky and Jingles were found hanging out with “Egg Sheeran”. I don’t think Ryan got the joke but he did like the egg man 🙂

David and I took Ryan to the hospital for a blood test and I didn’t have much time to prepare him as the phone call came half an hour before they needed us there. He was okay until it was time to sit in the chair and then he started fighting and yelling “Get out of my house, you pen!s” to the poor blood techs. Luckily they both have met Ryan before and knew just to get on and do it, so before he knew it the test was done 🙂

We were planning to go to the park but it started to rain so we drove through for nuggets and a frozen coke and went home. 

A lovely surprise was waiting at home for us – a beautiful bunch of flowers Stefan had sent me for our 15 year wedding anniversary (and 20yrs together!) I can’t remember the last time he brought me flowers so this made me quite emotional. 

Ryan only wanted to do washing and have a shower, then a bubble bath, then another shower… until the hot water ran out! 

When Stefan got home Ryan asked to go for a walk so we drove out to Gordon’s Bush and did a quick loop around. On the way we saw a really long train carrying logs! 

It was home to get ready for bed. Stefan and I popped out for a nice dinner 5 minutes from home and David sat with Ryan watching TV and chatting quietly in his room. Ryan was quite calm and happy when we got home. I had prepared him for this evening and he was comfortable with us leaving, and David knew we weren’t too far away if needed. It’s always a gamble changing the routine and sometimes it works and other times it turns to custard. Thankfully tonight worked 🙂

2018: Wednesday 5th December 

Ryan found Cheeky being mean to Jingles this morning and responded by knocking the fort over and giggling 🙂

Julie came and picked Ryan up for the morning and he got to spend time with his little cousin TeRau – they both like Peppa Pig 🙂 Ryan decided he would test Julie’s bed, it was perfect weather for a nap today. I must admit that’s what I did while Ryan was out, caught up on some sleep.

Today’s new Christmas book was ‘Eight Jolly Reindeer’ – each page has one less reindeer and Ryan counted backwards as we read the story. 

We did an activity with Christmas mini erasers ($1 at Kmart) – counting, sorted into groups, posting them into the container, twisting the lid open and shut. 

During the afternoon Ryan kept saying “why am I not allowed to ring the police mum?” so I messaged Julie but wasn’t sure I wanted to know the answer about what he was talking about lol 😂 This was her response “Lol we have a house phone and he picked it up and pushed the number lol no police showed up”

Phew! I was imagining lots worse lol. We don’t have a land line but I’m pleased he remembers the lessons on safety and what to do in an emergency, even though it clearly wasn’t an emergency today! We talked about what things are an emergency and that we don’t play with phones. 

Later in the afternoon he said his head was sore again and he was crying tears, which hardly ever happens. He said to me “What’s that dribbling on my face?” I replied “it’s a tear darling” 😦 … I was in contact with his doctors again today and they are taking his headaches very seriously. I really hope we get some relief for him soon. 

2018: Tuesday 4th December 

Ryan woke with a very sore head and went back to sleep after breakfast. I had to wake him for a doctors appointment. 

Ryan played with his musical toys and we read books. ‘Reindeer’s Christmas Friends’ has sparkly crinkly bits on each page Ryan liked to touch. He asked to watch Peppa Pig on my touchpad but had a massive frown because his head was still sore. His favourite episode, at the moment, is when Peppa washes Daddy Pigs white football shirt with her red dress. You can imagine what happens! 

All day Ryan only wanted plain toast and barely touched it. He discovered his small dinosaur eggs had hatched already!  And we saw two trucks carrying parts of a house, driving on the wrong side of the road!

Cheeky made a late appearance, on top of a stack of kitchen containers, and the teenagers had a giggle before Ryan came and “helped” Cheeky down lol.

Ryan helped with all the laundry today and even washed his green blanket twice. He played with the foam rocker in the lounge and found his Sesame Street book that has Ryan, David and Alex in it (one of those special books you can order that puts your child in the story). Its been quite hot today and Dipper was enjoying the sunshine on my bed. 

When Stefan got home Ryan asked nicely if we could go out, so out to Gordon’s bush we went. Stefan was living up to his shirt – Greatest Dad in the Empire – as I’m sure he would have rathered put his feet up and have dinner after a long day at work! 

The grin on Ryan’s face in the bottom right photo is the “I just ran ahead and farted and it stinks” grin lol. Obviously feeling better than earlier 🙂

We brought Ryan McDonald’s nuggets on the way home and he ate the lot… and his fries!!!!  Photo proof!!! I can’t remember the last time I saw him eat fries 🙂

2018: Monday 3rd December 

Jingles said “Cheeky those are NOT your Freddos!!” Ryan was pleased to see Cheeky left him a Freddo after he yanked him out of the bag lol. Again, he asked me what the words said on the sign. I’m loving that he is wanting to know what words say and that he asks me to read it to him. 

We gave swimming a miss and Ryan went back to sleep for a couple of hours after complaining of a sore head. He was a lot brighter after he woke and Julie came and took him out for a couple of hours. 

He did lots of helping and spent time with his older cousin who was home with a broken foot. He told me about her “sore foot” quite a few times after he got home. 

We made popcorn and Ryan ate a huge bowlful. He played with the coloured pasta, spoons, containers (fine motor skills), listened to the different sounds as he dropped it into plastic and glass, and screwed the lid on and off. 

The dinosaur we were hatching last week has finally stopped growing and Ryan let me take it out of the container (he had been refusing the last few days). Ryan asked if we had more hatching eggs so I found 4 small ones and we put them in water. He gave them a good shake and then was enthralled watching the water dripping off the lid on the inside of the container. 

A favourite book for many years, for all our boys, is ‘Elmo’s 12 days of Christmas’. Ryan and I read it a few times today 🙂
While I cooked his French Toast Ryan practised writing his name. We watched ‘Shrek the Halls’ on Netflix and Ryan was giggling his head off at Donkey getting snow dumped on his head. 

He is still really enjoying the musical Christmas toys and asked me about the white singing bear. 

Ryan “Why’s he doing the back and forth?” Me “Do you mean dancing?” Ryan “yeah” Funny boy 🙂

Dinner has gone back to me feeding Ryan each forkful or he gets distracted or moves away from his food. It feels like a backwards step but his food intake is so minimal it’s necessary to avoid more invasive measures. In the last 4 months he has grown 6cms taller but only gained half a kg, which still puts him quite underweight. Tonight I managed to get all his French toast (2 slices of bread soaked in whisked egg and milk, cooked in the sandwich press in butter) into him! 

Poor kid threw a massive fever just before bed so it will be a long night keeping a close eye on him, as fevers can cause increased seizures. 

2018: Sunday 2nd December 

Ryan had a giggle when he found Cheeky trying to melt the Christmas snowman with the hairdryer! He asked me what the words said and I read it to him, pointing at the words. (Yeah! Elf on the Shelf and Homeschooling combined!) 

Today was a day of housework and music. Ryan managed to get ALL the Christmas  musical toys going at once! The blurry photo is him dancing away 🙂 You may notice the tree is a different one from yesterday. Our delightful kittens decided to trash the green tree last night so we had to take it down and get our smaller LED light tree from last year out. 

I managed to get Ryans finger and toe nails trimmed and he even let me cut his hair!  He was well overdue for it all and we had a few grumps but he was pretty good. 

After a shower and hair wash he heard thunder outside. The sky was really dark! We got a slight bit of rain but way less than it looked like we would be getting!  The thunder went on for a couple of hours. 

Just before bed Ryan found Stefan cleaning out a drawer and he saw a video tape. He was very confused about what it was, and Stefan tried to explain it has movies on it like DVDs. I’m not sure what Ryan thought about that. 

A productive Sunday at home 🙂

2018: Saturday 1st December

Cheeky (Elf on the shelf) appeared at our house last year and got up to all sorts of mischief. This year he brought Jingles with him to try and help him behave. Ryan loved finding Cheeky each day last year and he wasn’t overly excited this morning but it may take a few days for him to get back in the swing of it. Today the boys got advent calendars from the elves. 

Stefan took Ryan out to visit family and then they walked around Virginia Lake and hid rocks. 

December 1st is our families day for decorating for Christmas. Ryan loves our assorted soft toys that sing and dance. He is allowed to play with all of them and the decorations are all child friendly too. Jasper (Ryan’s kitten) was very excited to find stockings, tinsel and the tree lights!

Julie picked Ryan up for the afternoon and they put up a pool!  Ryan had a blast! I got sent photos and a couple of videos (can’t upload to the blog for some reason) and he was so happy! 

Hanging out with his cousins made him super hungry and Julie said he scoffed down Nutella toast on wheatmeal bread! 

Stefan took him out to walk Gordon’s Bush twice and then home for bath time. 

Ryan and Jasper spent more time admiring the tree…  that Jasper has already pulled over twice and now it is tied to the DVD stand lol.